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Daniel D. Dinur
Office: 770-395-3170
FAX: 770-395-3171
Mobile: 404-354-3170

Anthony A. DeLuca
Office: 770-395-3173
FAX: 770-395-3171
Mobile: 404-290-1419

About Us

Dinur and DeLuca, LLP, or D&D, is a firm of business and transactional lawyers with versatile skills and experience. We have represented clients nationwide in a wide variety of industries, ranging from banking, business services and oil and gas to software, pharmaceutical and medical equipment companies. We work with our clients at all stages of their business: transforming the founders’ idea into a properly structured business entity, advising the emerging company and its principals through its growth as a private company, and facilitating a sale, public offering, reverse merger or other exit strategy. If the company goes public, we can assist with public company financings, reporting, governance and compliance matters, and otherwise help it take full advantage of its public status.

D&D’s Core Expertise Is In:

We also have significant experience in practice areas ancillary to our core expertise:

We have also developed a referral network with other carefully selected lawyers and can deploy additional expertise, as needed, in litigation, labor and employment, bankruptcy, patent and copyright, environmental and immigration matters. This allows us to serve as an effective “virtual” general counsel to emerging growth companies which do not yet have an in-house general counsel.

Our Fee Structure

In serving our clients, we always remember that “it is what you keep, not what you make, that counts.”  This means that our advice is practical, given without engaging in needless “pride of authorship” disputes on minor drafting points, and always being cognizant that it is the after-tax return that counts.

This also means that we are sensitive to the fact that our fees reduce the net value of our work to the client. As a result we can offer, under the right circumstances, alternatives to hour-based fee arrangements, such as fixed fees and results oriented fees, or a hybrid of one or more of these fee arrangements.

Team Players

We are team players and know how to work with each client’s accountants, investment bankers, executive compensation consultants, personal financial planners and advisors and other lawyers.  We have excellent relationships with top professionals in these disciplines, as well as private equity investors and venture capital firms, whom we can introduce to our clients as needed.

We like what we do and try to bring a refreshing dose of enthusiasm and intellectual curiosity to our work as lawyers. Throughout our partners’ combined legal experience of over fifty years, we have eagerly immersed ourselves in new industries and legal landscapes – we believe this curiosity and spirit of discovery have helped us become better lawyers and added value to our services.

Both of D&D’s partners had been trained and reached partner status at major law firms before realizing that what they really love about the practice of law is standing shoulder to shoulder with their clients in the trenches of everyday business life.  Our practicing on a more intimate scale affords us the best opportunity to maintain that shared experience and thus develop a professional, intellectual and personal bond with our clients that engenders mutual loyalty and respect and, most importantly, the willingness to go the extra mile.  We believe this is the dynamic that separates the trusted advisor from a merely competent technician.